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Thanks for visiting Novel Musings, I have been an avid reader of novels and stories in the Fictional genre since before I can remember. As such I determined it was long past due that I start putting up my personal reviews and recommendations for books that in my opinion others would find enjoyable. As I, like most people, hate spoilers I will try to keep the reviews focused on the general details but on occasion there might be specific elements of the story that I feel I have to talk about, so be forewarned and read at your own peril.

Take a look around and let me know if you agree or disagree with my opinions, and if you want a particular book reviewed either new or old let me know at Also stay tuned as there are major enhancements in store for the site but more on that later.

Brandon Sanderson
Firstborn by Brandon Sanderson

Brandon Sanderson is one of those authors that a lot of readers only know as the writer completing Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time Series. What most readers don’t know is that Sanderson is an accomplished writer in his own right and one that every reader who enjoys science fiction / fantasy should give a […]

Arthur C. Clarke
Rendezvous with Rama by Arhur C. Clarke

This novel concerns humanity over 120 years in the future. A massive cylindrical has been detected, rocketing toward the center of the solar system. As it becomes apparent that the form is not just an asteroid or comet plans are made to investigate the object further. Commander Norton and the crew of the Endeavour are tasked with making a “rendezvous” with the body, now named, Rama. With more exploration the mission begins looking like it may become a “first contact” operation, and this has unknown implications for the crew of the Endeavour, as well as the order of the inhabited solar system.

Patrick Rothfuss
The Adventures of the Princess and Mr Whiffle: The Thing Beneath the Bed by Patrick Rothfuss

This twisted fairy tale is book to be treasured. The simple act of flipping through this picture book for adults will bring a smile to your face as you draw comfort from memories of the first picture book you ever read. However unlike those stories this one doesn’t end with happily ever after, instead you get to see the Princess for who she truly is. If on the other hand you like everything rainbows and gum drops stop at the first ending, what comes after will surely be devastating.

Michael Walters
The Shadow Walker by Michael Walters

The Shadow Walker isn’t your average Murder Mystery full of spine tingling suspense and death. Instead it is a unique hybrid mixing Political Intrigue with Police Procedural Investigation into a rich compelling tale. Even if you aren’t a fan of Murder Mysteries, The Shadow Walker will be nothing short of intriguing as the plot unfolds in Mongolia a land full of mystery, culture, and a burgeoning industry. This expertly written novel will race you across the steppes of this rich and diverse country as the body count continues to climb.

J.V. Jones
A Sword of Shadows - Book 4 - Watcher of the Dead by J.V. Jones

J.V. Jones continues to enthrall readers of her Epic Dark Fantasy series A Sword of Shadows. The aptly titled fourth novel, Watcher of the Dead, continues the story where it left off with Raif in possession of Loss as shadowy forces and groups continue to scheme and fight. The darkest novel in the series so far Watcher of the Dead masterfully draws the readers focus to the strife and hardship that all characters are enduring as the prison on the Endlords and their armies continues to crumble.