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Destination Infinity – a Science Fiction fury from the past

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Fury - Destination Infinity by Henry Kuttner
Fury (Destination Infinity)
Henry Kuttner

When I first read Fury (aka Destination Infinity) in High School I remember thinking that it would make a cool movie.  It has gangsters, vicious alien wildlife, plotting, futuristic weapons and drugs, as well as immortals.  I have to say the immortal part was the biggest draw for me.  I’m a sucker for films and stories where characters have extended longevity, whether they are human or otherwise.

I think Fury is nice because the story goes into a deeper discussion of immortality than others.  Characters don’t just happen to live long lives, but how they spend their time, and how these longer life-spans alter their ways of thinking come in to play.  The immortals are treated like Gods because of the opportunities their years give them.  They can spend years honing their skills and they appear to be precognitive simply because they’ve had a long enough time to better analyze human nature.  This allows them to plan years in advance, and anticipate the actions of their enemies.

I enjoy reading Science Fiction stories from decades ago because they give a glimpse of how someone then thought of the future.  There are some things about the story that are far fetched even for science fiction but then again, keeping in mind when the novel was written and the fact that it IS Science Fiction they make the story more unique.  For instance the entire story takes place not on the hot house Venus that we know but a Venus with lush forests and one teaming with life.  The story also has a gangster feel, which most likely comes from the fact that it was written in the 40’s.  I almost expected to hear women called dames, and I couldn’t help but picture tommy guns, pin striped suits, and Fedoras mixed in with the advanced technology.

I found this book at a library book sale, and if you can get a hold of it I definitely recommend it.  Then again I tend to like almost everything I am reading at the time, but if you like older Science Fiction this is a good one.

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