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Ilona Andrews continues to stun readers with Kate Daniels in Magic Strikes

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Magic Strikes
Ilona Andrews

Kate Daniels lives in a world where magic comes in waves drowning technology in its wake and as unexpectedly as it comes it is gone, leaving monsters behind. In the aftermath of the shift Atlanta is a crumbling ruin of its former glory. Magic Strikes is the third installment of the Kate Daniels series begun by Magic Bites. Although Ilona Andrews includes enough background for new readers that haven’t read the previous books, I highly recommend everyone to read the other two novels as each book builds on top of the previous revealing more mysteries of each of the characters.

Magic Strikes finds Kate Daniels overworked in the aftermath of the magic flare that has passed leaving technology firmly in control for several months, with magic shifts just starting to come back. As a member of the Order of Knights of Merciful Aid and liaison to “The Pack” (Atlanta’s society of shape shifting lycanthropes lead by were-lion Curran, the Beast Lord) Daniels is called in after a long day to investigate the death and dismemberment of a shapeshifter in front of one of The Pack’s houses. Upon arrival at the scene Kate is brusquely told to not interfere by Curran’s head security personal Jim who she has known for years.

On top of this event comes a call from her werewolf friend Derek who has managed to get himself imprisoned while trying to steal tickets to the Midnight Games, a no holds bar tournament of games enjoyed by the rich and famous that as it turns out all members of The pack are banned from per Curran’s rules. These simultaneous events lead Kate on another collision course with deadly foes, and along the way reveals more details of her family heritage, and that secrets have a way to come out and usually in front of the worst possible people.

The best part of this and the other Kate Daniels novels is that no characters are thrown in to the story to play a single part then be forgotten about. Characters from the first two books continue to play a role in each new story and in the process take on life and definition you rarely see in secondary characters. Each one has there own personal story and it shapes the way they behave and interact with each other. The tempo of the books are always swift, moving the current story arc along while also inserting details that give the reader a glimpse to the overall story and what difficulties Kate will face in future entries to the series.

Readers will be sure to enjoy the witty repartee between Kate and Curran and the sexual tension between them, but be warned the dialogue will be much more enjoyable to readers of the first two novels. Welcome to the post shift world of Atlanta Georgia, home of vampires, werewolves, demons, gods, and those just trying to live through it all. I for one hope Kate and her world are here to stay for quiet some time and look eagerly forward to the next installment Magic Bleeds. Also for those that want more from the world of Kate Daniels pick up Must Love Hellhounds as it contains the short story Magic Mourns.

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