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Tim Waggoner spins a psychological thriller in Darkness Wakes

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Darkness Wakes by Tim Waggoner
Darkness Wakes
Tim Waggoner

Aaron or Dr. Rittinger as he is known to his patients owners is a decent upstanding father, husband, and member of the Ptolemy community where he works as a Veterinarian. In his own mind he is a slightly troubled man who hears and has active conversations with his father in his head. A man who although never abused him physically left a major imprint psychologically. He like most of the population of Ptolemy have no clue what darkness lies in wait in there town.

All that changes late one evening as Aaron by chance happens to notice Carline Langdon his neighbor disappear inside an unassuming door in the Valley View Shopping Center with a young man that is most definitely not her husband Phillip. This seeming random event leads Aaron down the dark slippery road where all his darkest fantasies are fulfilled and just depths of depravity a mortal mind is capable of. Just what darkness waits behind the cold metal door of Penumbra.

Tim Waggoner in this psychological thriller manages to explore the dark depths of what a mind is capable of when the rules of society or of our moral upbringings no longer holds sway. Although definitely not a book for a young audience (18+ recommended) due to its sexual and mature content, Darkness Wakes is an entertaining novel for the horror enthusiast with an excellently twisted and dark story line even though the characters are a little flat.

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