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Unnatural Inquirer of the Nightside

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The Unnatural Inquirer
Simon R. Green

Welcome to the Nightside, the dark seeded underbelly of London. Where sin is sold on every corner and nightmares and fantasies have a way of coming true. Once you stop by you may never want to leave, if you still have the choice. This is the world that Private Investigator John Taylor calls home. John Taylor is a man known for finding things, and this time Nightside’s own gossip magazine “The Unnatural Inquirer” wants John to find an unverified recording of the afterlife, as always John Taylor is thrust into the middle of a power struggle going on between the major players of the Nightside.

This is the 8th book in the Nightside series by Simon R. Green most noticeably known for his Deathstalker novels. Surprisingly Simon R. Green resolved the major story arc he injected into his Nightside series in book 6, leading readers to wonder if he was finished or if subsequent books would be worth reading. However I continue to be pleasantly surprised with these novels and how he continues the story of John Taylor.

Perhaps the most enjoyable aspect of each novel is the mini story arcs contained in each book. These short quickly resolved mini quests reveal more depth and detail to the Nightside. Although you will find the characters have little depth regardless of the back history attached to them, I highly recommend this book to readers that enjoy a little mischief and have a wry sense of humor. This book and others in the series are most enjoyable at those strange hours of the night when sleep is hard to come by as they are short quick reads that are immensely enjoyable.

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