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Lavie Tidhar
Clarkesworld Magazine - Issue 31

A play on words The Dying World is a story about an earth where humanity has changed in such a way that a person’s thoughts and ideas can change the world around them. Similar to an artist painting their canvases an individual can shape their world and themselves with their ideas. In this strange alternate earth we follow the interaction of an Assassin who has been contracted to obtain a miniature world from a Maker. A simple yet complex story sure to tease your imagination.

William Gibson
Neuromancer by William Gibson

I found the bio-technology mentioned in the novel the most fascinating. Many characters could possibly classify as cyborgs with artificial limbs and implants. Organs can be cloned and DNA revitalized to extend life. One character has implants in her eyes that have digital read outs, as well as retractable razors implanted in her fingers for weapons. Another character has implants in his organs to keep him from feeling the effects of drugs and alcohol.

Karen Chance
Touch the Dark by Karen Chance

Touch the Dark is a thrilling ride through a vampire, werewolf, demon, fairy, and ghost riddled modern earth. Cassandra Palmer a young clairvoyant or “seer” is on the run in this urban fantasy from her vampire guardian Antonio who killed her parents when she was only 4 to get complete access to her sight and ability to tell the future.

Jennifer Greylyn
The Book Thief by Jennifer Greylyn (Beneath Ceaseless Skies : Volume 30)

Hope… surely a strange title for a book, an intriguing title, perhaps one that you would have to pick up and read? That decision is what our protagonist is faced with in this unique tale of a dead mage, his book, and the man who happens to pick it up. An entertaining read to say the least complete with magic, mystery and the depths one will go for knowledge and extending his own life.

Steven Whitfield
Horror Bound Magazine

Ben Anderson is a writer who loves a good ghost story. Not only does he like hearing them but he loves to visit supposedly haunted places which he then tells tales about. However although he always hoped to encounter a real ghost he never dreamed he would actually ever see less even speak to a ghost. In the South Carolina town of Abbeville, Abraham Jones is about to pay Ben Anderson the visit of his live and the opportunity of his career.