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Defending Elysium: A stunning Space Epic distilled down into an amazing short story.

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Defending Elysium by Brandon Sanderson (Asimov's Science Fiction)
Defending Elysium
Brandon Sanderson

Defending Elysium contains the scope of an epic story and condenses it into a fully captivating short story that keeps you reading to the last word. You may even find yourself reading it again as there is so much depth to both the characters and the world. Brandon Sanderson delivers an excellent story to be enjoyed by Science Fiction readers but readers of all sub genres of Fiction, be it horror, Steam Punk, or Fantasy.

This story is based hundreds of years in the future in a world where the Phone Company researched cybernetic based telepathic linking (ctyo) for communications. This research led to the first contact with alien races and an embarrassing first contact led to the Phone Company having sole rights to the alien’s Faster than Light Communications technology (FTLC) and the world’s most powerful and mystery company. This short tale follows Jason Write PC operative on his mission to the Outer Platforms on the mission to transport one of their research members home after they turn up in a mental hospital after disappearing for a short time.

The mission goes from routine to complicated minutes after a alien diplomat is found murdered just prior to his arrival in addition to the young Universal Intelligence Bureau (UIB) agent Coln Abrams that is on his trail, in the hopes of discovering the secret of Faster then Light Travel (FTLT). Nothing is as it seems within the thrilling plot twists of this futuristic mystery/thriller.

Who would enjoy this?
Are you a fan of fictional literature? fantasy, Horror, or Science Fiction? Then you will enjoy this stunning short story by Brandon Sanderson of a man’s quest to preserve an idealistic dream. Read it now on Brandon’s website and you won’t be disappointed.

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