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Kraken’s Honor: a mesmerizing tale of Man, Monsters, and gods and the sins that bind them.

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Kraken's Honor by S. A. Bolich
Kraken's Honor
S. A. Bolich

Kraken’s Honor starts off in the midst of a shipwreck in the middleof a rocky shoal with dry land a mere breadth away. The two survivors are stuck on the prowl of the great ship the Ice Queen as the freezing ocean spray and waves disintegrates the ship around them. Their fate seems sealed, to die smashed against the rocks or in the belly of the Kraken waiting in the shallows.

This fateful moment leaves Prince Faeryk with the certainty that he must return to his home of Westever and right the wrongful murder of his father at the hands of his brother, Faeryk’s Uncle. To accomplish this all he can relay on is his bard and friend Halvak, his father’s sword Wavetamer and the Honor of a Kraken.

I’ve never had the pleasure to read a story by S. A. Bolich before and I must say I have been missing out. Bolich spins a mesmerizing tale of ancient wrongs and the binds that sins of our forefathers put on us. In this remarkably detailed short story you can’t help but be ensnared by the web of history and the depth of characters that are spun. Truly an excellent story made even more enjoyable by the fact that it is free to read online to everyone over at Beneath Ceaseless Skies.

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