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The Leandros brothers return with non stop action in Moonshine

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Rob Thurman

Rob Thurman is making her mark on the Urban Fantasy genre with her tale of Niko and Caliban(Cal) the Leandros brothers. Now with the Auphe out of the picture Niko and Cal are trying to settle down into a normal routine, attending college and having a full time job. Needless to say with the knowledge and skills these brothers posses from their time on the run they didn’t settle down with a normal desk job they decided to start their on Private Investigation Firm catering to those individuals with monster issues.

Joining them in this endeavor is Niko’s love interest the Vampire Promise. Thurman draws both new readers and those who read the first book of the series Nightlife smoothly into the story by bringing Cal’s personal fears and humanity directly to the spotlight. The story is spun from Cal’s point of view and his emotions and thoughts subtle replay what happened in he first story over the first 50 or so pages while seamlessly setting up the foundation for the current story arch.

Moonshine is a secluded bar catering to those monsters and boogeymen with a more blood thirsty attitude. Cal, Niko, and Promise our contacted by a man working for Cerberus a higher up member of The Kin (werewolves) who wants the team to gather proof that a rival is planning on trying to kill him. This simple case of undercover detective work pulls in their friend Robin Goodfellow (Pan) a womanizing gambler, just what they need for infiltrating the bar and gambling den of Moonshine

In usual fashion this simple case dissolves into chaos as the Leandros brothers are betrayed and plots within plots are revealed leaving the reader no clue who is the mastermind behind this plot right up until they show themselves. Rob Thurman perfectly intertwines her characters with the world they live and seamlessly building out their world while keeping the story going with non stop action at break neck speeds. No reader could fail to be engrossed by Cal and his thoughts/emotions as they lead him deeper into the dark hunting after the one he loves but can’t bring himself to be with due to his heritage.

A fully engrossing emotional thrill ride that will leave readers running out to get the next story in the tale of Cal and Niko Leandros Madhouse

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