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Strange Tale of Assassination in a Dying World

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Clarkesworld Magazine - Issue 31
The Dying World
Lavie Tidhar

A play on words The Dying World is a story about an earth where humanity has changed in such a way that a person’s thoughts and ideas can change the world around them. Similar to an artist painting their canvases an individual can shape their world and themselves with their ideas. In this strange alternate earth we follow the interaction of an Assassin who has been contracted to obtain a miniature world from a Maker. A simple yet complex story sure to tease your imagination.

Lavie Tidhar spins a world from his imagination where the characters are limited only by their imagination and the rules that govern their behavior if they so choose to follow them. This story is aptly told from the view point of both the Assassin, and the Maker allowing the reader to fully understand the world they live in while yet giving the impression that we know little to nothing of this alternate earth. Be sure to read this story over a few times as you are bound to miss a few things during the first read. A great story with enough details to make the mind wonder just what is possible in this alternate earth, and are their actually any humans or simply some computerized world that humans are playing in.

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