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The Empty Chair : A quickly forgotten ghost story

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Horror Bound Magazine
The Empty Chair
Steven Whitfield

Ben Anderson is a writer who loves a good ghost story. Not only does he like hearing them but he loves to visit supposedly haunted places which he then tells tales about. However although he always hoped to encounter a real ghost he never dreamed he would actually ever see less even speak to a ghost. In the South Carolina town of Abbeville, Abraham Jones is about to pay Ben Anderson the visit of his live and the opportunity of his career.

Steven Whitfield spins a well constructed tale with a well plotted story. One can admire the smoothness of his writing and how easily the story unfolds to the reader. However with that being said there is nothing much more that can be said for this simple ghost story. The story contains no emotional high points all aspects of the story from the love arc to murder all come across pretty bland not shocking or jarring the reader in any way.

This story can be summarized easily for potential readers. Don’t bother to read this even if you do you will quickly forget it as there is not one aspect of the story that will stay with you. Save your time and spend it reading a truly enthralling story.

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