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What abomination lies in wait beyond the Shatterach Gates?

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Shatterach Gates by Paul Daly (Beneath Ceaseless Skies : Volume 35)
Shatterach Gates
Paul Daly

Paul Daly spins a simple yet compelling tale of revenge in Shatterach Gates. In the cold distant north among the broken mountain range of Shatterach the last descendant of the house of Kul-Sur stands vigil accompanied only by Wolden a simple if deformed camp attendant. What does this man wish to accomplish in this desolate place, what ancient magic does he plan to awake with the sacrifice of all his men?

In these few pages Paul Daly manages to draw the reader into Kul-Sur’s world with brief but invoking details that you can’t help but see yourself standing in the ancient keep staring out at the shattered Mountain Range. The narrative is done from the 1st-person perspective and you get a real sense for what events have driven Kul-Sur to his current actions. Through out the narrative comments from camp followers and the soldiers come up, from his reminisces, that make the story even more realized without performing the world building that most stories require.

A truly enjoyable tale of what depths an intelligent and knowledgeable mind will go to for revenge once they have lost everything they cherished and loved. Read it yourself online over at Beneath Ceaseless Skies

Who would enjoy this?
The answer for once is simple:

If you like fantasy — you’ll thoroughly enjoy this short story for what it is and what it could possibly be
If you like Science Fiction — you’ll find this story a pleasurable way to spend time but not fully engrossing
All Others — although you may enjoy the story you may feel it lacks substance and is incomplete

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