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Matthew Kressel
Clarkesworld Magazine - Issue 42

In a future 6000 years from now Betsy Haadama watches an old black and white silent film. A strange beginning but one that quickly evolves into a rich world full of strange aliens and a tragic history of not only the galaxy and every alien life from in it but of Betsy herself. For she is perhaps the last human alive and what is she to do while waiting for the last sun in the Milky Way galaxy to go nova and turn into a black hole, perhaps taking her and the aliens with it into another universe, or so they believe.

John Meaney
Bone Song by John Meaney

Donal Riordan is a lieutenant in the police dept of Tristopolis. A moral man who believes in what he does and takes his job seriously never taking short cuts and double checking every detail. That is why he is chosen to protect the opera diva Maria da Livnova who will be performing in the city, for their has been a string of murders of artists throughout the world all with their corpses stolen and used for some unknown but despicable purpose.

Steven Whitfield
Horror Bound Magazine

Witch’s Cemetery is a short but satisfying tale of dispassionate revenge. The tale commences with the main character Brian taking a solitary journey to an old cemetery on a dreary October day. Slowly the details of his life and the trauma he has undergone unfold as he digs up the grave of a Miss Karen Allen, a witch who has been dead since the late 1800s. What dark magic does he seek to unleash with the help of his wife and her coven.

A.D. Roland
Winterborn by A.D. Roland

Winterborn is one of those novels that upon reading the first couple of pages you begin to wonder to yourself “hmm, I hope this story isn’t going to be the same as all the other horror/thriller stories I’ve read in the last few years”. Don’t worry with every passing page A.D. Roland pulls in details and elements common in other stories in the genre and creates an a verifiable nightmare that is unique in and of itself. A story that is sure to leave you spell bound well past the last turn of the page.

Tony Pi
Abyss and Apex

In the mesmerizing kingdom of Lyonesse, we are presented to a world where the mythical creatures of our world actually existed in their history. Temaine Voss is one of the premiere paleontologist in the world with his research focusing on the titanic beasts of the Leolithic Age including Sphinxes, Manticores, and other magical creatures. However over the course of his career he has developed an extreme rivalry with Hector Mason a fellow paleontologist. Little do they know how much danger a mummified Manticore could be.