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A Dark Mystery with Magic, Murder, and Ghosts in the Snow

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Ghosts in the Snow by Tamara Siler Jones
Ghosts in the Snow
Tamara Siler Jones

In the mood for a good murder mystery, perhaps one with a surprisingly high body count and of the dark fantasy persuasion? If so then look no further then Ghosts in the Snow by Tamara Siler Jones. Dubric Bryerly, castellan of Castle Fladorrah, heads this stunningly intense thriller that seamlessly combines forensics and dark magic in a medieval world rich in its own history.

In the years following a dark and bloody war Dubric Bryerly spends his life heading security at Castle Faldorrah home of the great Lord Brushgar. Dubric a man who is cursed with seeing the ghosts of murdered people by the Goddess Malanna, who he renounced after the murder of his wife Oriana 43 years ago. In his 68 years Dubric has solved all but one of the 14 murders in Lord Brushgar’s demesne, but he has yet had a case like the one that is befalling the castle and the young women who work and live in it. For how is he supposed to stop a killer who savagely mutilates servant girls leaving no witnesses or clues behind except for the ghosts of his victims. Ghosts that may yet drive him insane.

Tamara Siler Jones in her debut novel spins a thoroughly dark and suspenseful mystery that will have readers guessing and on the edge of their seats until the very last page. The characters from the protagonist down to the lowest servant maid and common man are meticulously thought out and ring true. You will not only merely follow the characters as the story unfolds but fully feel the characters fear and suffering as if you are apart of the story.

One aspect of a book that always makes or breaks the story for me is the World Building. For if the story’s setting has holes or can’t be imagined fully then the characters fail to come to life for me. In Ghosts of the Snow we are presented with the setting of Castle Faldorrah in which our story takes place but over the course of the story the world slowly expands and grows into a rich world full of depth and history where you feel that this tale of murder is a singular moment in a world full of intrigue and dangerous magic. Although I fully enjoyed the story of Dubric and this great crime mystery reminiscent of an original Sherlock Holmes story I can’t help but wonder about the mentioned characters and events both going on and having already transpired in this dark and magical world.

Regardless of the magic and history of the world this story stays focused on the central story arc and the hunt for the silent killer murdering the castle’s servant girls/woman. The story progresses smoothly at a steady exhilarating pace as you join Dubric as he examines crime scenes for clues and questions witnesses and suspects. The plot contains many hints and details into the possible culprit where you feel you know who the murderer is at one moment then something occurs that leaves you doubting what you think you know. A truly engaging 1st grade mystery sure to satisfy those who enjoy both mystery and dark fantasy.

If this haunting tale leaves you thirsty for more then be sure to pick up Threads of Malice the second novel of the Dubric Bryerly Mysteries.

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