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A Heartfelt Tale of a Young Tortured Mind Branded in Gray

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A Fly in Amber - Online Fiction Magazine
Branded in Gray
Dawn Allen

There is much to say about this enthralling story by Dawn Allen. First let me just say that I am more a fan of Fantasy, Horrors, Science Fiction, and only on rare occasions really enjoy general fiction, However Branded in Gray was an emotional thrill ride that quickly drew me in and kept me reading until the final word. A truly great read of youthful stupidity, guilt, and forgiveness that will play with your emotions.

Branded in Gray is the story of Thad a teenager who like many out there made the wrong choices and has to live with the consequences. The story picks up with our protagonist in a juvenile facility who is living with his guilt the only way he knows how by blocking his emotions and thoughts away. That all changes one day when he has an unexpected visitor that forces him to re-live what he did from the perspective of his family, friends, and others.

An interesting insight into the mind of a Youth, and the depths to which a mind will go to hide itself or deal with a traumatic experience. Dawn pulls you head first into the character’s tortured mind with imagery and the simple basic personalization of the prison counselor Bob and Steve the security guard. Head over to A Fly in Amber and read it now you won’t be disappointed.

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