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A Short Story about the Pale glimpse of Uniqueness

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Pale by Kathryn Allen (Beneath Ceaseless Skies : Volume 37)
Kathryn Allen

Pale is an interesting tale that takes and utilizes classic Literary Troupes and Archetypes of Westerns and Fiction in general and spins them out in a way that can be enjoyed by both Literary Critics and readers that enjoy classic Western Fiction. The story unfolds from the view point of a deputy who is assisting the lawful Marshall in his fight against the Hired Gun who is plaguing the remote town.

If the plot sounds familiar it is only because Kathryn Allen used this as her basis for her story’s exploration and perhaps even criticism of common Literary Troupes. The story begins following the same plot line of untold westerns with the simple difference that the deputy who normals has a bit part takes center stage. The characters in this story are all classic archetypes from the marshal, to the boy who wants revenge and his sister who by default should play her part in her brother’s story.

Kathryn spins the classic plot line completely around by having characters refusing to play their role in supporting another character’s story and instead chooses to play the lead in their own story. A thoroughly enjoying tale that leaves you wondering if it is possible to break free of reused story elements creating your own unique characters and plots or are you simply still following an already told story, perhaps just one you yourself haven’t heard about. For is something unique if it already exists and you just don’t know about it?

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