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A Youthful tale of a Sorcerer of Accidental Proportions

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The Accidental Sorcerer by K.E. Mills
The Accidental Sorcerer
K. E. Mills

If you are a fan of traditional fantasy then The Accidental Sorcerer is for you. This novel by K.E. Mills (a.k.a. Karen Miller) is an interesting tail combining common elements of fantasy: wizards with their staffs, witches, crystal balls, a princess in distress, even a dragon or two. However this story of Gerald Dunwoody was surprisingly entertaining with a well paced story in a complex and detailed world that we are only shown a glimpse of.

The Accidental Sorcerer follows the story of 23 year old 3rd grade mage Gerald Dunwoody‘s wizardly accidents up to him beginning to realize his potential as a Rogue Mage. The story commences with Gerald investigating Ottosland’s premier staff factory Stuttley’s Superior Staff Factory for failure to comply with safety regulations as dictated by the Department of Thaumaturgy. This simple assignment quickly blows up in his face as he is forced to deal with a magical catastrophe. After the mess clears Gerald is used as the scape goat by his superiors and on the advice of his friend Monk takes a job as Royal Court Wizard for King Lional the 43rd of New Ottoslands. Where Gerald is stuck smack dab in the middle of intrigue and black magic that only he is able to stop.

This novel although it can be enjoyed by older readers really feels like a Young Adult book. The story contains many childish names like Stuttleys, Dunwoody, Ottoslands, Zazoor, etc that really taints any seriousness with a youthful tone. In addition there is an element of grade school rivalry and pettiness between some minor characters and the protagonist that are tossed into the story without providing any mentionable depth, perhaps they come more into play in a later volume.

Regardless of the somewhat silly names, Karen manages to get the readers engrossed in her world by linking many of the daily and common occurrences with things in our world, for example the newspaper is named the “Ottoslands Times” mimicking our paper of the “New York Times”.

If you are a fan of the Harry Potter series, or are just starting to read Fantasy novels then definitely pick up The Accidental Sorcerer as you will most likely not be overpowered by the repetitive story elements common in so many fantasy novels. Otherwise only pick up this novel if you are an enthusiastic of fantasy and magic and can’t seem to get enough tales of underdog wizards, and a princess/kingdom in distress.

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