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Bone Song: A fast paced noir thriller full of dark imagination

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Bone Song by John Meaney
Bone Song
John Meaney

Donal Riordan is a lieutenant in the police dept of Tristopolis. A moral man who believes in what he does and takes his job seriously never taking short cuts and double checking every detail. That is why he is chosen to protect the opera diva Maria da Livnova who will be performing in the city, for their has been a string of murders of artists throughout the world all with their corpses stolen and used for some unknown but despicable purpose.

Join Lt. Riordan as he quickly gets ensnared in the dynamic plots of powerful but mysterious members of society. In this futuristic noir you will be reading on the edge of your seat wondering not only what will happen next but who or what will you be introduced to in this strange yet alluring necropolis.

John Meaney tantalizes readers with a tightly controlled plot following Lt. Riordan as he investigates who is behind the mass murder of artistic individuals. Although the murders have taken place across the world the story truly focuses on Tristopolis and Lt. Riordan’s interaction with the people, living and dead, and places that are central to the plot. John Meaney manages to create a compelling and rich gothic world that readers can fully relate to as far away places come and go in passing but the detailed world truly only exists in the places the story drives Lt. Riordan to.

From the moment the book starts we are introduced to the dead denizens that inhabit the world from Wraiths to Zombies. However as the story progresses we uncover more and more layers to the complexity of the characters and people that inhabit this land of the dead. Like our society political struggles exist with those that believe only the living have rights and the dead should be bound to servitude. A compelling and easily relatable under story that introduces interesting social interactions and treatment of some of the main characters including the Commander Laura Steele who just happens to be a Zombie herself.

You will be enthralled by this dark world with its quicksilver rain. This novel clearly is a dark fantasy with undead and sorcery at its core it is a Crime Mystery and a devious one at that. Although the world will entrance you the action and fast moving plot will keep your reading a break neck speed up to the bitter end with the reader never quite knowing what will happen next. Pick up and read Bone Song today, you won’t be disappointed.

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