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What dark task will be fulfilled in the Witch’s Cemetery

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Horror Bound Magazine
Witch's Cemetery
Steven Whitfield

Witch’s Cemetery is a short but satisfying tale of dispassionate revenge. The tale commences with the main character Brian taking a solitary journey to an old cemetery on a dreary October day. Slowly the details of his life and the trauma he has undergone unfold as he digs up the grave of a Miss Karan Allan, a witch who has been dead since the late 1800s. What dark magic does he seek to unleash with the help of his wife and her coven.

Steven Whitfield spins a believable low key but emotionally raw tale of man who has gone beyond the seething wraith of hate and become a cold calm unfeeling man of action. Brian, the main character of this story has had the joy of his life torn from him and has little left to him that can emotionally reach him, the tone of Steven Whitfield’s writing will dull your mind as you feel nothing but the dreary day and a task that needs to be done not through hatred or personal fulfillment, but simply for that it needs to be done.

An enjoyable tale that lays out the pieces of what tragedy struck Brian’s life and what he is going through without forcing upon the reader. Take your time with this short story savor it not simply for the tale but also for the cold satisfaction that sometimes revenge is justice and can only be fulfilled by being served cold by your own 2 hands. Head on over to Horror Bound Magazine and read Witch’s Cemetery today.

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