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When death comes calling, Who Mourns for The Hangman?

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Who Mourns For The Hangman by S.A. Bolich
Who Mourns for The Hangman
S.A. Bolich

John Burton or “Scraggy” as he is most commonly known makes his living as a Hangman. Unlike others of his trade who enjoy tormenting their “victims” (the accused criminals), Scraggy became a Hangman out of his disgust for their treatment and his morals that even the worst criminals deserve a little respect upon their death. His decision cost him his wife and child while gaining him, to his sadness, the fear and loathing of the common man. Who Mourns for the Hangman is the story of just one of his many jobs, but one that will shake him to his core.

In this short but compelling story S.A. Bolich masterfully sets the stage by giving the reader short descriptions of Scraggy’s world that leaves it up to the reader’s mind to fully imagine from the gloomy fog lit night, to the medieval town of Castlebridge. This dark fantasy is well paced with Scraggy going about his chosen solitary life with him dwelling here and there on the choices he’s made. These little flashbacks into his life don’t feel forced but seem to be the natural thoughts of a solitary man who keeps little company but that of his horse Bess, and Jezebel his gallows.

Adding to the story is the glimpse of magic that S.A. Bolich weaves into her tale. For Scraggy doesn’t go about killing any convicted criminal, instead he with the help of a magic charm created a rope that can tell if a man has sinned or is innocent and gives every man their due. With the assistance of his rope he chooses his jobs condemning only those that justly deserve their punishment. A small glimpse but enough to wet the imagination as to what else is possible in this rich unexplored land.

Who Mourns for the Hangman is an imaginative dark fantasy that is sure to thrill all who read it. I highly suggest you head on over to Damnation Books and buy yourself a copy of this compelling medieval tale of John Burton The Hangman.

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