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After these Changes The Dresden Files will never be the same

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The Dresden Files - Book 12 - Changes by Jim Butcher
Jim Butcher

I don’t know what is worse when waiting for the next book in the series to arrive. Is it the wait for the book itself, or is it the knowledge that no longer how long you take to read the book you are going to have to wait another year for the next installment (or in some cases the wait is many years with no end in sight). In the case of The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher I have found that each installment is a story into itself and although I await eagerly for the next tale I don’t find myself going crazy during the wait. Well lets just say that Changes not only makes drastic alterations to the story’s main plots but also leaves me wondering What?! How?? What happens now!!

For those that haven’t read previous novels in The Dresden Files then do not start with this book. Let me repeat that, only read this book if you have read all previous books in the series as almost every character you have been introduced to in the previous novels makes an appearance. For those that have read the previous novels then go get Changes today, but be forewarned you may find yourself unresponsive to your surroundings as you may zone everything out with your single minded focus of following Harry on his latest trial.

Changes begins with a life changing event for Harry, a phone call. Unlike your normal phone calls this one lasts the whole of a few minutes with Susan, his ex girlfriend/half vampire, delivering the stunning news that he not only has a daughter but that she was kidnapped by the Red Court. Lets just say not the best news for anyone to hear but for wizard Harry Dresden it is world shattering. For what lengths will an orphaned boy go to save his own daughter, what deals will be struck, what laws will be broken, and when it is all said and done mortals and immortals alike will feel the cold embrace of death.

Although this book was well written and it is apparent that Jim Butcher is growing into his talent as a writer little new ground is covered in this novel. The characters, although faced with hard choices toeing the line of morality, acted true to their existing established personas. Although certain scenes were clearly emotional to the protagonist as a reader it seemed like the outcome had been divulged books ago leaving the scene somehow clouded and dull when you would expect it to rub your emotions and thoughts raw. Regardless this book was still an excellent read just not as good as some of the previous installments in my personal opinion.

If you haven’t begun reading The Dresden Files then do so today especially if you enjoy a good mystery. These novels contain complex underlying plots shaping the story that although each novel can be read on it’s own missing any previous entry will cause you to miss small but pivotal details that play central parts in later novels. I highly enjoy this series and recommend it to anyone that enjoys magic, mystery, vampires, and fantasy in general.

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