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The Amber Chroniciles: Classic Fantasy at it’s best

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The Great Book of Amber by Roger Zelazny
The Great Book of Amber
Roger Zelazny

It is hard to know what to say about the amber novels by Roger Zelazny. To put things simply if you have not yet read these novels get them this instance and don’t stop reading until you have finished them all, afterwards simply relax and dwell on Amber, Corwin, and the Shadows of Possibilities that lay beyond and between the pattern and chaos. A classic fantasy tale that can be enjoyed simply for its sword fights and magic, or for its deeper more compelling tale of self-discovery.

The Amber Chronicles begin with the novel Nine Princes in Amber with Corwin, our main protagonist, waking up in a private facility with amnesia. The only thing he remembers and fuzzily at that is that his doctors and nurses are drugging him to keep him out. This knowledge leads Corwin to find out what happened to him and why someone is trying to keep him out of the picture. This journey of self-discovery draws him to Amber the true world were all others, including are own, are but shadows and possibilities of what could have happened.

Roger Zelazny was a master story teller his Amber Chronicles are better written and more enjoyable, in my opinion, then Tolkein’s Lord of the Rings. Zelazny understands the ebbs and flow of his story engrossing the reader in rich descriptions of his world while at the same time keeping the action and plot moving along at an incredible pace. However he also understands that there are times when action prevails and he keeps his story focused on the characters giving enough details to the reader for us to imagine what is happening but doesn’t slow the pace with overtly detailed descriptions of the surroundings. The Amber Chronicles are a richly written story that allows readers to dwell on not only his characters and the story but on Amber itself and the endless possibilities available.

Upon reading the novels you can not but help to fall in love with the characters. With not only Corwin but with Random and all of his family. Sibling rivalry has never been fought on these levels with these stakes and I would dare to say that they will never be again. Every character has their own personality complete with shortcomings and flaws that lead to some great interactions and plot changes as the story evolves from a simple quest for the throne to a fight for survival of not only Amber but all of creation.

These are great stories that are perfect for beginning readers to start on as they will enjoy the imagery and action that takes place. As they grow up and become more knowledgeable about the inter dynamics between people they will find these books all the more enjoyable. The Amber Chronicles is perhaps the greatest classic fantasy story every written, no matter how old you are or how many times you read them they are always enjoyable and invoke within you endless ideas and possibilities.

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