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The Miraculous Creations of the Leafsmith in Love

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Beneath Ceaseless Skies : Volume 35
The Leafsmith in Love
K.J. Kabza

The Leafsmith in Love is a feast for your imagination sure to please readers who enjoy any sub genre of Fiction. This well written tale will take longer to finish then you would guess from it’s length not for being slow but because you will find yourself savoring each word and the images it invokes in you. An entrancing tale of romance in a clockwork world that will leave you wholly satisfied yet leave your imagination running for days on end.

In Holdt Castle the Master Leafsmith, Jesper lives his life maintaining the Arboretum that he created. Ever day passes the same as he miraculous creates clockwork recreations of living plants and animals and gives them life through his magic. Regardless of his skill his life is still empty as he holds no love in his heart for the Arboretum or those that rule Holdt Castle all that is about to change when he stumbles upon the visiting care-free Zuhanna, who just happens to be the cousin of Princess Kanna.

As Princess Kanna learns of Jesper’s infatuation for her cousing Zuhanna when he has never paid her the least attention her jealousy gets the best of her. Plotting and backstabbing commence as the princess attempts to thwart Jesper’s attempts at courting the beautiful Zuhanna.

K.J. Kabza spins a imaginative world full of magic and mystery in this steampunk romance. Although he utilizes a lot of unfamiliar and made up words and creations like Elementalic and scrygonfly their origins make it simple to imagine and understand. The clockwork creations and replications of living creatures in his world are truly mesmerizing as the inner workings are explored but their telling quickens the plot versus dragging it to a stand still. Each explored element of his world serves a purpose that gets revealed as the story progresses.

The Leafsmith in Love is a beautifully imagined and written story. If you have not as of yet read a story of the steampunk genre then this is definitely a great one to start with. I highly recommend you head over to Beneath Ceaseless Skies and read The Leafsmith in Love today.

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