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Everything lives Forever in Heaven

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Forever in Heaven
K.J. Kabza

Are you dieing for a dark macabre tale of the afterlife? If so then look no further then Forever in Heaven by author K.J. Kabza. This short flash fiction will instill an idea that will dig deep roots in your imagination bringing your darkest thoughts to the surface as you picture every grotesque image the story invokes.

Ever wonder what truly happens after you die, I am pretty sure at one time or another we all have. Well Robin is about to find out first hand and the reality is beyond her own imagination as heaven and hell blur leaving you wondering what it really means to live forever in Heaven. Or perhaps this is Hell and our main character simply doesn’t know it.

K.J. Kabza‘s prose flows simply and elegantly for the reader. The short quick phrases building on top of each other allowing the reader to pace the story along to their own imagination and nightmares. A darkly haunting story you will enjoy regardless of the images it invokes, head on over to Everyday Weirdness and enjoy Forever in Heaven this minute as it will only take only a moment or two to read … How long it stays with you though is a different story altogether.

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