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Emotions run high with non stop Action as Magic Bleeds

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Magic Bleeds - Book 4 of Kate Daniels Series by Ilona Andrews
Magic Bleeds
Ilona Andrews

For those unfamiliar with Kate Daniels and the post shift world of Atlanta, you sure are missing out on an excellent Urban Fantasy series. Magic Bleeds continues the fast paced emotional thrill ride begun in Magic Bites tying up some of the major plot lines but leaving the stage open and on the brink of serious world changing events. Although you can read this novel by itself I highly recommend you read the previous 3 installments to get the most enjoyment out of this fantastic novel by Ilona Andrews

Kate by necessity has lived her life alone, living with out emotional ties and confidences so that her past and ancestry would remain secret. For Roland the legendary Lord of the Vampires can’t kill her if he doesn’t know where she is. However slowly, inevitably, she has let people in: Julie her adopted daughter, Andrea her were-beast friend and fellow member of The Order, and Curran Beast Lord of Atlanta’s pack of shapeshifters. Kate and Curran have been moving towards each other since their first meeting and what better way to get a reader hooked then by having Curran stand Kate up on the date they scheduled at the end of Book 3?

Understandably this event clouds Kate’s judgment and actions throughout the book up to its completely satisfying conclusion, which I dare say that readers have been eagerly awaiting for. In addition to the emotional plot arc this novel focuses around a shrouded individual who appears to be trying to unleash a magical disease on Atlanta, however as is usually the case this is but a side-effect of their true goals.

Throughout the plot every major character and faction is integrated into the story from The Order, The Pack, The Mercenary Guild, The Coven, and The People. Although some play only minor roles it highlights just how complex the social dynamics are and the depth of what Kate and the reader still have yet to discover in this rich post apocalyptic world. This installment leaves the reader with a sense of ending as Kate wraps up various personal plot threads including her ancestry, personal relationships, and her place in society. On the other hand major questions still remain concerning the larger world itself that I personally can’t wait to see more of: more action, more locations, more characters, and more Kate Daniels.

Go get yourself a copy of Magic Bleeds and schedule a few hours of uninterrupted reading time. You won’t be disappointed as this husband-wife duo deliver another richly emotional and action packed story.

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