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Revenge Served Cold

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Revenge Served Cold by Jackie Fullerton
Revenge Served Cold
Jackie Fullerton

Let me start by saying that Revenge Served Cold is the sequel to Piercing the Veil that the author wrote under the name Jacqueline Fullerton. If you are like me and like to read a series from the start then I suggest you pick up Piercing the Veil then come back to Revenge Served Cold. However since I had this book I thought to myself it would be great to do a review of it as a stand alone novel to see if readers could pick it up without reading the first novel and still fully enjoy the characters, plot, and setting.

Upon starting the book you are thrust right into the middle of the mystery as you experience the final moments of Elliott Spence’s life as he meets up with his old college friend Ross Craig and ultimately loses his life from a hit and run. The interesting part of this event is that you read it unfold from both perspectives allowing you to get a full glimpse of the emotions driving the characters. The mystery unfolds from there as the victim’s wife Katherine (Kathy) ends up as the prime suspect of the murder as it was her car that ran down her husband and an eye witness puts a woman matching her description as the driver. It doesn’t help that her drinking problem leaves her with no memory of the night in question.

From this main event the story moves back in time revealing the events leading up to the murder and their ultimate resolution. A truly enjoyable start to the book easily hooking readers on the main plot with an obvious suspect as well as the knowledge that it can’t be as straightforward as it seems. However as the plot unravels readers will easily come to the correct conclusion of who murdered Elliott Spence.

The protagonist of this story is Anne Marshall a law student who can see and speak with her father’s ghost. The best thing about this little supernatural caveat is that her father has a personality of his own and comes and goes at his own pleasure. And it is because of him that Anne gets pulled into discovering what really happened that fateful night with the help of her law school study group.

Anne, Kathy, and all the supporting characters in this novel are all written extremely well with each having their own personality and characteristics. None of them come off to the reader as cliches or archetypes. However readers that haven’t read the first novel may find themselves wondering more about the study group and how they all became friends and their inter personal relationships. A small item to be sure but with all the additional back story in this story is something that could easily have been added in to make a few scenes seem less like they were added for a singular purpose.

Although the story flows smoothly from scene to scene, the author has a tendency to overdue their foreshadowing so instead of subtly hinting at what is coming the reader feels like it has been printed in bold type so no one could miss it. This especially happens in the later part of the book as Anne’s previous experiences are repeatedly brought up and various characters warn Anne but to no avail. Revenge Served Cold was an enjoyable book until these moments as it made the reader feel like the whole conclusion of the book was forced and that the author didn’t know of an original way to resolve the mystery and so instead tried for some route thrill that ultimate fell flat. Personally it would have been more enjoyable if the whole last scene was removed from the book and resolved without the boring action.

Revenge Served Cold is an ok read. Not for its plot but for its characters and for those glimpses into the court room that readers are shown as Anne lives her life as a law student. If anything I would read another story just for those moments as I truly enjoyed them, however if you are looking for a thrilling murder mystery then I would steer clear as this novel will most likely leave you dissatisfied.

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