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Firstborn by Brandon Sanderson
Brandon Sanderson

Brandon Sanderson is one of those authors that a lot of readers only know as the writer completing Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time Series. What most readers don’t know is that Sanderson is an accomplished writer in his own right and one that every reader who enjoys science fiction / fantasy should give a chance, you will most likely find his stories most enjoyable.

Intrigued but not sure if you want to purchase one of his many books? Then let me suggest you take the time to read his short story Firstborn that is available free over on This short space opera teases your imagination by including a diverse cast of characters and world building while maintaining a condensed plot-line that pulls you along until it’s fully satisfying conclusion. Be forewarned this engaging story contains a few details that you may overlook on your first read, especially if you don’t quite understand the Silvermanes motives at the end. Re-read the later portion of the story and they will become readily apparent.

Although I highly enjoyed this short story, I found true enjoyment from the world it built in my head. Sanderson is a true master to keeping his narrative tight and contained to the story while at the same time dropping enough background and description that allows the reader to expand upon and imagine the depth of his created worlds. If you are a fan of Orson Scott Card, or other Science Fiction writers give Firstborn a chance you will definitely enjoy it.

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