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S.A. Bolich
Who Mourns For The Hangman by S.A. Bolich

John Burton or “Scraggy” as he is most commonly known makes his living as a Hangman. Unlike others of his trade who enjoy tormenting their “victims” (the accused criminals), Scraggy became a Hangman out of his disgust for their treatment and his morals that even the worst criminals deserve a little respect upon their death. Who Mourns for the Hangman is the story of just one of his many jobs, but one that will shake him to his core.

S. A. Bolich
Kraken's Honor by S. A. Bolich

I’ve never had the pleasure to read a story by S. A. Bolich before and I must say I have been missing out. Bolich spins a mesmerizing tale of ancient wrongs and the binds that sins of our forefathers put on us. In this remarkably detailed short story you can’t help but be ensnared by the web of history and the depth of characters that are spun. Truly an excellent story made even more enjoyable by the fact that it is free to read online to everyone over at Beneath Ceaseless Skies.