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David Prill
Subterranean Magazine Fall 2009

Quirky is the word that comes to mind when trying to describe David Prill‘s short story Five Dispatches from the Third Word War.This highly amusing and imaginative story reveals the depth of the lie behind the old saying “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me”. As we all know words can cut the deepest but in this fictional world they kill… horrifically.

Jackie Fullerton
Revenge Served Cold by Jackie Fullerton

Upon starting the book you are thrust right into the middle of the mystery as you experience the final moments of Elliott Spence’s life as he meets up with his old college friend Ross Craig and ultimately loses his life from a hit and run. The interesting part of this event is that you read it unfold from both perspectives allowing you to get a full glimpse of the emotions driving the characters. The mystery unfolds from there as …

Dawn Allen
A Fly in Amber - Online Fiction Magazine

There is much to say about this enthralling story by Dawn Allen. First let me just say that I am more a fan of Fantasy, Horrors, Science Fiction, and only on rare occasions really enjoy general fiction, However Branded in Gray was an emotional thrill ride that quickly drew me in and kept me reading until the final word. A truly great read of youthful stupidity, guilt, and forgiveness that will play with your emotions.