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Matthew Kressel
Clarkesworld Magazine - Issue 42

In a future 6000 years from now Betsy Haadama watches an old black and white silent film. A strange beginning but one that quickly evolves into a rich world full of strange aliens and a tragic history of not only the galaxy and every alien life from in it but of Betsy herself. For she is perhaps the last human alive and what is she to do while waiting for the last sun in the Milky Way galaxy to go nova and turn into a black hole, perhaps taking her and the aliens with it into another universe, or so they believe.

Brian Aldiss
The Dark Light-Years by Brian Aldiss

The Dark Light-Years is a story that shines a light on the criticism of many sci-fi tales and shows that portray all intelligent life as humanoid and endowed with languages easily translated by machines. In this novel the sentient beings encountered, and soon after abused, by man are in fact a race older than man, but have taken a different path in advancement so they are viewed as primitive.

Brandon Sanderson
Defending Elysium by Brandon Sanderson (Asimov's Science Fiction)

Defending Elysium contains the scope of an epic story and condenses it into a fully captivating short story that keeps you reading to the last word. You may even find yourself reading it again as there is so much depth to both the characters and the world. Brandon Sanderson delivers an excellent story to be enjoyed by Science Fiction readers but readers of all sub genres of Fiction, be it horror, Steam Punk, or Fantasy.