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Laura Bickle
Embers by Laura Bickle

Laura Bickle delivers a surprisingly diverse debut novel in Embers. A vague statement to be sure but true as there are some truly wonderful and refreshing elements of this book but they get overshadowed by some bad plot lines and unrealistic character interactions. To put it simply everyone will enjoy some aspect of this book whether it is the arson investigation, Sparky the Fire Salamander, or the author’s articulation of Detroit and the paranormal. However it is ones ability to take everything at face value that will really decide how much you enjoy the novel.

Christopher Pike
The Secret Path - Book 1 of Spooksville by Christopher Pike

Christopher Pike is one of those authors that all teenagers should be familiar with. As he wrote the series Chain Letter, The last Vampire, and Remember Me in addition to a multitude of Teen Classics. In my opinion some of his best work is the lesser known children’s horror series Spooksville. These short imaginative stories can be read as stand alone novels to the readers immense enjoyment, but when you read the story from start to finish you are totally immersed in a fun but scary world full of magic and unknown that every child dreams of.

James M. Ward
Midshipwizard Halcyon Blithe by James M. Ward

Halcyon Blithe, is the youngest child of the respected Blithe Family. A respected household whose members have served in the Arcanian navy for as long as they can remember. Every child born to the Blithe’s has grown into their magical inheritance at the age of 12 except for Halcyon who was preparing for his life in the army when unexpectedly his abilities revealed themselves at the age of 16. Now he sets forth on his first tour as a capable but inexperienced midshipwizard on board the Dragon Ship Sanguine.

K. E. Mills
The Accidental Sorcerer by K.E. Mills

If you are a fan of traditional fantasy then The Accidental Sorcerer is for you. This novel by K.E. Mills (a.k.a. Karen Miller) is an interesting tail combining common elements of fantasy: wizards with their staffs, witches, crystal balls, a princess in distress, even a dragon or two. However this story of Gerald Dunwoody was surprisingly entertaining with a well paced story.