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K.J. Kabza
Everyday Weirdness - Get a little weird every day

Are you dieing for a dark macabre tale of the afterlife? If so then look no further then Forever in Heaven by author K.J. Kabza. This short flash fiction will instill an idea that will dig deep roots in your imagination bringing your darkest thoughts to the surface as you picture every grotesque image the story invokes. All the more enjoyable if you have a dark sense of humor.

Margaret Ronald
Fantasy edited by Sean Wallace & Paul Tremblay

Have you ever read a story and know that it would have been better if the author had only paved their own path instead of following the normal archetypes and plot lines. Goosegirl is that story you were wishing for, Margaret Ronald takes the classic fairy tale of the same name and manages to create a unique and riveting tale of magic and personal choices sure to delight readers of all ages.

A.D. Roland
Winterborn by A.D. Roland

Winterborn is one of those novels that upon reading the first couple of pages you begin to wonder to yourself “hmm, I hope this story isn’t going to be the same as all the other horror/thriller stories I’ve read in the last few years”. Don’t worry with every passing page A.D. Roland pulls in details and elements common in other stories in the genre and creates an a verifiable nightmare that is unique in and of itself. A story that is sure to leave you spell bound well past the last turn of the page.

S.A. Bolich
Who Mourns For The Hangman by S.A. Bolich

John Burton or “Scraggy” as he is most commonly known makes his living as a Hangman. Unlike others of his trade who enjoy tormenting their “victims” (the accused criminals), Scraggy became a Hangman out of his disgust for their treatment and his morals that even the worst criminals deserve a little respect upon their death. Who Mourns for the Hangman is the story of just one of his many jobs, but one that will shake him to his core.

Tamara Siler Jones
Ghosts in the Snow by Tamara Siler Jones

In the mood for a good murder mystery, perhaps one with a surprisingly high body count and of the dark fantasy persuasion? If so then look no further then Ghosts in the Snow by Tamara Siler Jones. Dubric Bryerly, castellan of Castle Fladorrah, heads this stunningly intense thriller that seamlessly combines forensics and dark magic in a medieval world rich in its own history.