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Brandon Sanderson
Firstborn by Brandon Sanderson

Brandon Sanderson is one of those authors that a lot of readers only know as the writer completing Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time Series. What most readers don’t know is that Sanderson is an accomplished writer in his own right and one that every reader who enjoys science fiction / fantasy should give a […]

Arthur C. Clarke
Rendezvous with Rama by Arhur C. Clarke

This novel concerns humanity over 120 years in the future. A massive cylindrical has been detected, rocketing toward the center of the solar system. As it becomes apparent that the form is not just an asteroid or comet plans are made to investigate the object further. Commander Norton and the crew of the Endeavour are tasked with making a “rendezvous” with the body, now named, Rama. With more exploration the mission begins looking like it may become a “first contact” operation, and this has unknown implications for the crew of the Endeavour, as well as the order of the inhabited solar system.

Matthew Kressel
Clarkesworld Magazine - Issue 42

In a future 6000 years from now Betsy Haadama watches an old black and white silent film. A strange beginning but one that quickly evolves into a rich world full of strange aliens and a tragic history of not only the galaxy and every alien life from in it but of Betsy herself. For she is perhaps the last human alive and what is she to do while waiting for the last sun in the Milky Way galaxy to go nova and turn into a black hole, perhaps taking her and the aliens with it into another universe, or so they believe.

Brian Aldiss
The Dark Light-Years by Brian Aldiss

The Dark Light-Years is a story that shines a light on the criticism of many sci-fi tales and shows that portray all intelligent life as humanoid and endowed with languages easily translated by machines. In this novel the sentient beings encountered, and soon after abused, by man are in fact a race older than man, but have taken a different path in advancement so they are viewed as primitive.

Lavie Tidhar
Clarkesworld Magazine - Issue 31

A play on words The Dying World is a story about an earth where humanity has changed in such a way that a person’s thoughts and ideas can change the world around them. Similar to an artist painting their canvases an individual can shape their world and themselves with their ideas. In this strange alternate earth we follow the interaction of an Assassin who has been contracted to obtain a miniature world from a Maker. A simple yet complex story sure to tease your imagination.