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H.P. Lovecraft ed. S.T. Joshi
The Dreams in the Witch House And Other Weird Stories by H.P. Lovecraft

For me, a lack of development can be excused in shorter pieces where getting the readers skin crawling is more important, but from “The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath” onward the stories go on and on, feeling more like an encyclopedia; fact after fact. This attention to detail could be good for creating a new world for a novel, but the longer stories fall short. I did enjoy the earlier stories, but on the whole, I need much more character in the longer pieces to justify their length, or I would have liked to see them hacked down to a more manageable length.

K.J. Kabza
Everyday Weirdness - Get a little weird every day

Are you dieing for a dark macabre tale of the afterlife? If so then look no further then Forever in Heaven by author K.J. Kabza. This short flash fiction will instill an idea that will dig deep roots in your imagination bringing your darkest thoughts to the surface as you picture every grotesque image the story invokes. All the more enjoyable if you have a dark sense of humor.