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Jennifer Greylyn
The Book Thief by Jennifer Greylyn (Beneath Ceaseless Skies : Volume 30)

Hope… surely a strange title for a book, an intriguing title, perhaps one that you would have to pick up and read? That decision is what our protagonist is faced with in this unique tale of a dead mage, his book, and the man who happens to pick it up. An entertaining read to say the least complete with magic, mystery and the depths one will go for knowledge and extending his own life.

S. A. Bolich
Kraken's Honor by S. A. Bolich

I’ve never had the pleasure to read a story by S. A. Bolich before and I must say I have been missing out. Bolich spins a mesmerizing tale of ancient wrongs and the binds that sins of our forefathers put on us. In this remarkably detailed short story you can’t help but be ensnared by the web of history and the depth of characters that are spun. Truly an excellent story made even more enjoyable by the fact that it is free to read online to everyone over at Beneath Ceaseless Skies.

Patrick Rothfuss

The Name of the Wind, Day 1 of The KingKiller Chronicles. The name of this book and the series is what drew my attention however the world, characters, and story is what made me an avid fan. The Name of the Wind is the story of Kvothe, one man with many names and who knows the true names of things. This is his story of how he became who he is: Kvothe the Bloodless, Kvothe the Arcane, and Kvothe the KingKiller and what power there is in names.

Ilona Andrews

Welcome to the post shift world of Atlanta Georgia, home of vampires, werewolves, demons, gods, and those just trying to live through it all. Kate Daniels is an overworked member of the Order of Knights of Merciful Aid and as liaison to “The Pack” she finds herself over her head when shapeshifters start to turn up dead and dismembered. These events lead her to the midnight games and a collision course with a deadly foe known as the Reapers.

P.N. Elrod

Although I often find myself reading stories spanning multiple volumes, I occasionally find myself picking up an anthology to check out new author’s writing styles. To be fully honest I more often pick them up to get those short stories that tie into other series I am reading. P.N. Elrod in this collection of short stories pulls together 9 original stories of dark magic and the paranormal. These stand alone stories proved easy to read and grossly entertaining.