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What terror awaits during the Night of the Manticore

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Abyss and Apex
Night Of The Manticore
Tony Pi

In the mesmerizing kingdom of Lyonesse, we are presented to a world where the mythical creatures of our world actually existed in their history. Temaine Voss is one of the premiere paleontologist in the world with his research focusing on the titanic beasts of the Leolithic Age including Sphinxes, Manticores, and other magical creatures. However over the course of his career he has developed an extreme rivalry with Hector Mason a fellow paleontologist. In their rivalry they are always trying to one up each other and the Grand Exhibition of Lyonesse is to be their latest sparing field.

Temaine with the help of his son Ellery, an expert sculptor, have created massive sculptures of the titanic creatures to wow visitors. To celebrate on the eve of the exhibit their patroness has thrown a banquet for distinguished individuals including Temaine’s rival Hector Mason. As their feud heats up Mason is pressured into showing his own exhibit to the guests. Little do they know how much danger a mummified Manticore could be.

Tony Pi spins an engrossing Scientific and Magical Adventure that will amaze fans of history, thrillers, and fantasy stories alike. He expertly weaves the mythical creatures of Egypt and Greece with Alchemy, Magic, and Paleontology to produce characters and a world that the reader can easily and fully envision. Even more compelling then his world is his characters. Each character has their own feelings and mannerisms that come through regardless if they are a main character or a supporting character that plays a single role in the story.

Night of the Manticore is a short story that will expand your imagination and bring up hidden dreams from your childhood, when you thought Sphinxes and Chimeras had really existed and roamed the ancient world. I highly suggest you head over to Abyss & Apex and read it today.

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